We can guide and assist our clients via our channels with the following services but not limited:

  • Incorporation of Offshore companies.
  • Regular ship’s registration (provisional and permanent).
  • Guide the clients and leading to the best societies can handle the class/RO and full coverage of the ships certification.
  • Ship’s management and all other services related to ISM, ISPS and MLC Requirements.
  • Supervision of vessels conversion to livestock subject to EU standard.
  • We can assist the clients of the Insurance and P&I coverage.
  • Special (single voyage) registration.
  • Change of ownership/name.
  • Change of vessel’s particulars.
  • Renewal of certificates (annual taxes).
  • Deletion from ship registry.
  • Issuance of exemptions / attestation / authorization letters.

Also through our channels and trusted connections, the clients can get benefit with the following services

Qualified Naval Architects of technical departments can prepare studies, manuals, booklets and plans in accordance with various Conventions, as below:

  • Intact Stability Booklets, Damage Stability Booklets, Loading Conditions

  • Deeper Loading Studies/ Freeboard Calculations

  • Solid Bulk Cargo booklet / Grain Loading Manuals

  • We can lead our clients to the best direction of the EU/MRV rules and procedure and co-operate with an accredited body to provide services related to Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on the monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport


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